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    Coach Kyle and his Crew

    Coach Kyle and his swimmers
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    The 10000 Straight Swim Club

    These outstanding Silver Group Swimmers Swam a Straight 10000 yards.
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    White Group Spirit

    A few White Group members at a recent meet.
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    Fullerton Beach Group

    A large part of the Fullerton group gathered at Huntington Beach
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    Cactus Seniors Honored

    The following Cactus Seniors have completed their swimming careers and will attend college next year.
    read more 
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    Cactus Carnivores Devour 8U...

    The 8 & Under Cactus Swimmers were able to swim at the 8U Championships this weekend. The theme was ‘Din... read more 
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    Cactus Aquatics won the Jun...

    February 25, 2019 Cactus ... read more 
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    Cactus Aquatics Places 6th ...

    March 11, 2019 Holland... read more 


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JO Timeline and Psych Sheet

by Michael Chasson, 2019-07-10T15:22:31.000-07:00July 10 2019, at 03:22 PM PDT

Attached is the JO timeline. More information to follow as soon as its available. The psych sheet has been emailed to all families in the meet.

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Past Announcements

Swimmers of the Month for June

2019-07-10 03:20 PDT by Michael Chasson (0 Comments)

White Group
Abdi Hendricks
Blue Group
Peter ... [more]

Swimmer of the Month for May

2019-06-17 05:38 PDT by Cactus Aquatics (0 Comments)

Swimmers of the Month for May
White Grant Rathjen
Blue Sarah Spresney Bronze ... [more]

Swimmer of the Month for April

2019-05-14 09:39 PDT by Michael Chasson (0 Comments)

Bobby Sander
Marcus... [more]

Swimmer of the Month for March

2019-04-27 02:22 PDT by Michael Chasson (0 Comments)

Blue Group
Dylan Rhodes and Ava Lucero
Alex G... [more]